Google Project Sunroof

2016 - 2017

Goal: Design an enhanced experience for homeowners, renters, and solar installers.

Users: Homeowners, renters, solar installers, and all those interested in knowing more about the solar installation process.

Why: Project Sunroof assists users by giving them the information they need to determine if home solar is right for them. Using Google's Earth satellite imagery, Sunroof is able to show users how much sunlight hits their roofs over the course of the year. We then combine that data with state incentive information, estimated electricity bill, and financing options to give the user a full picture of what installing solar would look like.

My role: Lead Designer. UX/UI design, user research, product strategy, illustration.

Process: Extremely agile. Working in close collaboration with our team of talented engineers and project managers to continuously improve the Project Sunroof experience. I worked side by side engineers, marketing leads, and PMs to create enhancements, test, iterate and launch an improved site and solar search experience.

Outcome: The Project Sunroof site and Search experience is live today.


We want to give users the information they need at every stage. Today, if a user searches for how much solar could save them, they'll see a helpful result inline with the other search results. They'll be able to see estimated savings over 20 years, savings per month, and a recommended financing option.


Below, you can see what the user sees after entering their address. They're shown how much usable sunlight their home gets, how many square feet of space they have available for solar, and options to refine their monthly bill size to see a more exact financial estimate.