Google Earth Engine

2015 - 2016

Goal: Assist current and would-be Earth Engine users by giving them information about the tool in a responsive, intuitive, and easy to parse format. Redesign Earth Engine's web presence and launch a new static marketing-oriented site. Bring Earth Engine's website into the Google marketing and Material design style family.

Users: Current Earth Engine users, scientists, cartographers, journalists, and university professors.

My role: Lead Designer. UX/UI design, illustration, user research, product strategy, photography.

Process: Agile. Working in close collaboration with a small team of engineers to improve the Earth Engine site experience. 

Outcome: The Earth Engine site is live today.


At the highest level, Earth Engine combines powerful satellite imagery, the user's own algorithms and data, with real world applications of showing patterns, correlations, and phenomenons across the globe. Throughout the redesigned site, I took opportunities like this one to simplify what would usually be a very complicated tool to explain to a wide range of possible users. 



We designed the homepage to clearly explain the key features of Google Earth Engine in a manner that even a novice user could understand. One of the great features, shown below, is Earth Engine's wide range of scientific datasets available to be used by everyone.



From the beginning of this project, I championed, alongside engineers, that this be a full responsive, mobile friendly site. Potential Earth Engine users could be out in the field, in the classroom, or at their desk, and we needed to design a site to fit their changing contexts.