Google Earth

2016 - 2017

I was a young girl when Google Earth first launched. I remember spending hours with my dad exploring corners of the globe we'd never been to from the giant Compaq in our tiny kitchen. It fed my curiosity and love of this amazing planet. After many many months of love, sweat, and tears, my team and I are overjoyed to give you the new Google Earth. This dramatic update lets users explore their world in new ways through rich curated stories in Voyager and our beautiful improved 3D imagery. Users can also play with I'm Feeling Lucky and Postcards to further fuel their wanderlust.

Goal: Launch a new Google Earth experience across web, Android, and iOS.

Users: Armchair explorers, educators, students, and more.

Why: This beloved product was overdue for a redesign.

My role: Lead Designer. UX/UI design, marketing materials, user research, product strategy.

Process: Many months of coordinating with a large engineering team, working in close collaboration with tech leads, product managers, and content creators.

Outcome: Earth for webAndroid, and iOS are live today. Try them! 


Redesigning Google Earth meant listening carefully to all types of users: educators, students, scientists, armchair explorers, and more. Throughout the product design process, I led co-design and research sessions with all of these user groups to fully understand their current needs, goals, and pain points. I also disseminated these findings to the larger Google Earth team, giving them a full picture of who we were designing. Making the new Google Earth accessible to users of many expertise levels meant simplification of the information presented in all views and additional complexity only being revealed when the user really needs it. 

The I'm Feeling Lucky feature has become a great way for users to explore parts of the world that they might not have previously known about.

The I'm Feeling Lucky feature has become a great way for users to explore parts of the world that they might not have previously known about.


Knowledge Cards

Select a place or do a Search and see informative Knowledge Cards about that place and related places that people also explore in that area. Use the Fly To button (paper airplane) to zoom down to a place, orbiting around it in 3D.

I'm Feeling Lucky

Endlessly feed your wanderlust with the I'm Feeling Lucky dice. Tap it and fly to a random location!


Voyager stories

Explore the world through curated stories told in partnership with parters like BBC, Sesame Street, and the Jane Goodall Institute. These stories are added to the Voyager collection on a weekly basis and are centered around travel, nature, arts, and culture. 


Easily create and share postcards of the places you visit in Earth with your friends.